Halloween Hocus Pocus sugar skull shirt


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Monica Clave I’m Halloween Hocus Pocus sugar skull shirt Spanish. When I was very young, we had French neighbors next door. One day, we opened our front door to go out and found a cat in a carrier with a note saying they were going back to France and “here’s our cat”do whatever you want with it. He lived with us for the rest of his life but kept trying to go next door. Pippa Greenan Many years ago our neighbor moved out and left their cat. He adopted us. I could never understand them. He was very sad, for some time he joined our cat family.  Linda Proctor Having lived in France, they don’t believe in neutering either, so large numbers of feral cats or they just get rid. We rescued ours from someone that was about to drown him. We still have him 15 years later. Lots of animals were getting dumped outside English owned houses because they knew we would take them in. A friend ended up with a horse, several dogs, and cats, geese, goat all left in her field!

Halloween Hocus Pocus sugar skull shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

Halloween Hocus Pocus sugar skull ladies-tee
Halloween Hocus Pocus sugar skull sweater
Halloween Hocus Pocus sugar skull v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Jessica L Gomez France and Spain are Halloween Hocus Pocus sugar skull shirts the same! Then they abandon them and leave them to die or fend for themselves! We need stricter animal laws!!! Sheila Laithwaite Many years ago some French friends came over for a holiday. I asked who was looking after their cat and they said they had left it outside to fend for itself as for the duration of the holiday! There were plenty of birds and mice available outdoors!! I was absolutely horrified!! Needless to say, they never got another invite!!

Gilles Gueniffet I’m French and am so ashamed. I love my cats, I’d rather cancel my holidays than leave them behind. Can’t understand those people who leave their animals behind. Tonya Mulholland-Udall Because people still see pets as “just dogs” or “just cats” etc. until people begin to view pets as a member of their family, animals will continue to be abused. Please believe me, there are nice frogs too!BBC


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