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No, they aren’t – all we are set for is endless lockdown misery. The irony of the Halloween is a state of mind shirt bbc saying we are in for a treat is visible. The chief purveyors of doom who have determinedly avoided putting Covid in context make this a very unfunny joke. It’s not cancelled. You just can’t go trickle treating. It’s an old pagan festival. Hope everyone has a wonderful night. The moon is so beautiful tonight can’t do Halloween this year which is a shame but can’t take any chances will be the first time I’ve not done it in 23 yrs. I hope all the kids that usually come to my house enjoy themselves at home.hopefully will be able to do it next year. I’ve never really done Hallowe’en. Guy Fawkes was always more important to us. Then I left home and started living in bedsits, flats, and HMOs, where children trick or treating were not encouraged.

Halloween is a state of mind shirt, hoodie, ladies-tee, Tank top, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt

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Halloween is a state of mind ladies-tee
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Halloween is a state of mind v-neck t-shirt
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Happy Samhain everyone! Where the Halloween is a state of mind shirt veil between life and death is at its thinnest. Maybe a past loved one will come and communicate with you this day. Be open and share your thoughts. As they will with you, now no longer possessing their egos.Can’t wait for the moon to come out tonight.Just hope my neighbours see this as I spent 2 weeks hanging out of bedroom windows during the night to try photograph red moon behind the flipping clouds!

Now gotta try to get Blue Moon too…where’s the piano, drop some hints? I had candy out this year as my first Halloween on my own, ready to pass out to the kiddos…. y’all really cancelled Halloween but will gather around on thanksgiving and Christmas as if Covid doesn’t exist. I’m so sad no children came for candy with their cute/creative costumes. This moon will not be just means there have been two full moons in one month. Happens once a year sometimes twice.


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