Happy mother’s day to the best sloth mom shirt




Thanks to everybody who sent us a Mother’s Day video message. Others were featured in BBC Look East on Friday evening looking ahead to today. If you’ve also got a video message for mum to add it as a comment below. Make sure to say who and where you are in the East of England, your mum’s name, and where she is. Lots of love for amazing mums everywhere. Stay well. I have educated friends, who are having to get-togethers today. Why? Mother’s Day was a religious day, celebrating Mother Church originally. Servants had the day off to Happy mother’s day to the best sloth mom shirt  go back to their home church. Well, churches have seen fit to shut! The rest of it is a marketing construct to make money. So people should be looking out for their mothers in a different way this year, and make a special day for them when we are through this!

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Best Happy mother’s day to the best sloth mom shirt


Too little too late. Mass gatherings, schools, leisure centers, pubs, etc, etc should have been closed two weeks ago. But still, stay away from mum today though it will not stop the NHS from being overwhelmed. I know it’s really hard but it’s only for a fleeting moment in our whole lives that we need to Happy mother’s day to the best sloth mom shirt   make a few sacrifices to protect our loved ones. At the end of the day, we want to be able to visit our mothers next year right? So let’s stay away and keep them safe. How come ppl are being so selfish still going out gatherings or hanging around in parks etc. Even you don’t care about getting sick you are using up the resources in hospitals. Doctors and nurses are fighting for us. You don’t need to wait for the government to ban everything for you to do sth with common sense.


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