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This no-brainer of a US president thought he would protect jobs by taxing EU imports… It had never occurred to him that the EU would retaliate (too advanced for his thinking)… And now, Harley Davidson will move some of their operations elsewhere and lay off US workers. A 10-year-old child could have seen this coming, but not the great US President. What a caveman. Björn Andersson Everyone just explodes with comments and deep knowledge. But give it time and everything will level up and not much will change. The EU and the US will probably end up in a Harley Davidson wolverine shirt solution that benefits both parties. Relax. Gaby Bedford Project Fear is alive and well and growing by the day. But with size comes blatancy and conspicuous, glaring existence. It shows as desperation

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But at least we can afford them an amused smirk at the thought that time is ticking rapidly to the day we will be out of the EU and they will be left with fewer viewers than ever. John Short And this is what happens when you start a trade war. They won’t be the last company to do this. Good one America, shooting yourself in the foot again. Brian Wainwright This is  Harley Davidson wolverine shirt what happens when you have trade wars. Trade wars are wars that no one can win, they just add costs, most of which falls on the punters. We in the UK should bear this in mind. Chris Wornchuck So President Trump implements tariffs on goods from the EU, the EU responds by raising tariffs, Harley Davidson decides to move more manufacturing overseas and President Trump is mad at Harley Davidson and Harley Davidson blames the EU?


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