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My kind fellow Americans! Hello! Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a place where you can openly talk about the ongoing problems in the world and not worry about someone insulting your thoughts or feelings? Our group is a private, tight-knit community where you can do just that. Help us become enlightened to the ever-changing world so we can understand and grow together.”These sea ice changes in September are likely unprecedented for at least 1,000 years. Arctic sea ice has thinned, concurrent with a Harry otter shirt transition to younger ice. Between 1979 and 2018, the real proportion of multi-year ice that is at least five years old has declined by approximately 90%,” the IPCC said in their report on the oceans and the cryosphere published in September. We better shoot them all then eh

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as they do with badgers cant have these animals trying to survive where ever they possibly Yeah right! Blaming sea lions and adorable ottos for your diseases again?? Tazeem Minhas Control the diseases in humans first then worry about other species. These muppets would do/say anything just to push their climate change hoax down everyone’s throats. What next? Blame aliens for mass shooting and pedophilia?? David Eades Good old bent broadcasting corporation always finds another slant on the so-called climate change. thought evolution made their DNA stronger and resistant to their ancestor’s viruses. I have on me on the line of Harry otter shirt giving out I saw a post about this Mrs. Nicole Serena so I text her and I invest with after 5days as she said I received my profits message her for a life-changing.


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