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What about all the Harry Piotr Cyka Blyat shirt Barbadian people who really on Commonwealth membership for their employment, including alot of service personnel? Hopefully, Canada will follow one day. Nothing against the Queen personally, but it’s an outdated colonial relic that has to go. Hopefully, the British queen will not be replaced by dictatorship like we have seen in most countries on the African continent. The commonwealth will go after the Queen dies. She commands a lot of respect worldwide but when she’s gone I feel so will the commonwealth eventually. The same people that think this is wrong of them probably voted for Brexit and fail to see the irony with self-rule…Personally, I don’t have any issues with it. Barbados is an independent country, it has every right to elect its own head of state.

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I bet the Palace has known about this for years. The Harry Piotr Cyka Blyat shirt funniest comments I’ve read here are those along the lines of ‘They could have waited until the Queen completed her reign’The world always change and we as humans have to live with it as it’s our life cycle. It’s what makes yourself to be remembered later on in the future! The Queen! God Bless her Soul!! They still retain their commonwealth status, however. Interestingly we all know who the head of the commonwealth is.

You can’t just throw definitive statements out there without qualification. Otherwise, this might as well be the Stuff comment section. Thing is, the “empire” finished years ago. Her role as head of state for Barbados and other countries, including the UK is purely symbolic and traditional. She and the other members of the royal family have very little interest in exercising the role and leave the politics to the politicians. The former colonies which she is still head of state to choose to have her in this position. Well done to Barbados for making this decision. They’ll still be part of the commonwealth family.


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