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Catherine Jayne Franklin Understand they are really old and Nature will set her course… but … Nothing in there about the damage and lost trees already caused by tourist coaches going along the road when they are far too big for the road.Arnold Ramnarine Good. Now replace the tree with a species from a High life four twenty inhale exhale shirt  different ecosystem for the sake of diversity. Anthony Rathbun Surely products made from this would benefit the local economy and pay for new planting for the next generations?? Fiona Lichfield, I’ve had one of our old beeches fall in the storm a couple of weeks ago. Will be replanting and hopefully, that will live way past my lifetime.

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Kevin James Haskins Was there last year great pace but get a lot of buses there now spoils it. Because the farmers cut the hedges with massive machinery, so no saplings can get higher than the top of the hedges on the Devon banks….what are we going to do about it? Cheryl Helms, I always look at beautiful old trees like this and wish they could be picked up, a hole dug, and replanted! So sad to lose. It’s been an iconic avenue for years in Ulster/Northern Ireland. My friend and great photographer #Jason Middleton took a High life four twenty inhale exhale shirt photograph of this avenue long before Game of Thrones.  Greg Sweet So plant new ones as they fall, then they will grow and fill in the empty spots. That’s how trees work! Nothing lasts forever, except death and taxes!


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