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Chris Mears Maybe more companies could move to the suburbs which Hike more worry less shirt so far. With today’s communication infrastructure I cannot understand why an office needs to be in the middle of a city. Also, why not make season tickets more flexible by allowing fewer journeys a week for Hike more worry less shirt need to travel every day. Sean Earnshaw, We could do with Hike more worry less shirt. Our public transport in the hands of foreign pension funds and Deutsche Bahn etc is going to cause us to get a raw deal. The state railways in Belgium have been clean and punctual when I’ve used them, cheaper too (half price weekend tickets).

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David Pike And fares will keep on going up every year as they always do! Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it. Scott W L Ford One of Hike more worry less shirt in years to increase! Most expensive and extremely poor, services, constant maintenance & delays and break downs and the rest! It is no wonder people take coaches as national express & Megabus is so cheap to travel or Hike more worry less shirt! Jane Elizabeth Evans Our railways are a shambles. Inefficient and ultra-expensive. Very different from the rest of Europe where they are mostly state-owned. Many people in this country cannot afford to use Hike more worry less shirt. It’s disgraceful. Yama Amani Happy New Year Capitalism, please support big people, big company, ignore poor and middle classes. Martijn Bos If you voted Conservative, then you voted for the private railway companies. You wanted this. You won, now enjoy it.


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