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I remember when the Horse I rode my horse all day shirt National was suspended due to the bomb scare and one groom (to some of the ignorant out there, a person who cares for horses)defied Police orders and stayed and looked after ALL the horses in the stables till the all-clear even other owners and trainers horses! I bet a lot of you know very little about horses, their ways and habits, and what they do together. Can’t say I’m disappointed. On a more positive note, the horses won’t suffer. Really dislike seeing them horses run & all for the greed of money!!! The RSCPA works closely with the British Horseracing Authority to find ways to reduce to risk of equine injury. While a law was brought into the UK in 2011 to limit the number of times a jockey can use their whip, animal rights campaigners argue that this misses the fundamental point that whipping an animal is cruel, no matter how many times you do it.

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I have my family have them and Horse I rode my horse all day shirt they are loved cared for and been a family member for many years some of you will need to get off your high horse and this doesn’t happen every year. Good, glad it’s banned for this year, a bloody cruel race so morons can win a fiver with a once a year bet, too many horses die it’s a shame it’ll be back next year.

“Forcing horses to run at breakneck speed around a course deliberately designed to be hazardous is, as we’ve seen, a recipe for disaster,” says Davies, who claims that injuries sustained by horses after races such as the Grand National may include heart attacks, bleeding lungs, and gastric ulcers. Meanwhile, research shows that horses running in high-speed races are at risk of exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage.


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