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Daniela Fithian what Horse naysayers gonna nay shirt great woman she is! I admire her, she is an inspiration for all of us who think they have it hard. She found her way to live a happy life and as a horse owner myself I can totally understand what the horses do for her. Horses are Therapist’s and a bond with a horse is a very special one which only horse people can understand. This woman is a master of her own happiness and I salute her for that! George Holtan This woman is absolutely outstanding! Her determination and a good attitude are lessons for all of us. God Bless her for all that she has done in her lifetime!  Her jest for life and happiness is overwhelming. May she continue on her path and example for all of us. GOOD LUCK. XO

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Horse naysayers gonna nay vintage shirt
Horse naysayers gonna nay vintage shirt
Horse naysayers gonna nay vintage shirt
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Horse naysayers gonna nay vintage shirt
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Cathy Aita-Wentworth Wow, what Horse naysayers gonna nay shirt lady and what an inspiration to everyone that thinks they can’t achieve something!! Thanks for sharing your story. Wonderful story!! Liane Mathewson Amazing story, defiantly one to share, to show people if you follow your heart and want more out of your life it is worth the work, and don’t give up. Jean Robbert Landry What an inspiration. She worked hard and now has a profession that allows her to follow her passion, a physically demanding avocation at that. Emmanuèle Pacitto Bravo madame!! You are an example for all, not only those who have a disability. I wish you have joy, success, and emotions with riding a horse for long years. Now here is a person to be proud of. The family did not allow her to become a second class citizen.


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