Hot girl wearing a mask shirt


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Annette Garnham How do human beings come up Hot girl wearing a mask shirt with cruel rituals, practices like this? It’s just awful. Mariann Wiklund Maybe they could teach their sons to keep their hands to themselves instead…Barbara Zehnbauer Cruel and ignorant of basic biology. Why is there no effort to educate men that sexual abuse is wrong? Timothy Ayres I can’t even bring myself to watch this. My goodness people have sick ideas. Nicole Campbell, So it’s essentially committing a violent sexual assault in order to prevent a violent sexual assault. Terrie Smith, I hope it won’t take as long as it did for someone to be prosecuted for this act of violence towards young girls as it did for FGM to get its first prosecution

Hot girl wearing a mask shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

Hot girl wearing a mask hoodie
Hot girl wearing a mask ladies-tee
Hot girl wearing a mask sweater
Hot girl wearing a mask V-neck T-shirt
V-neck T-shirt


Mary Ann Hyndman Smith WTF? How about teaching Males, in this Hot girl wearing a mask shirt culture, to respect females?? Another BS, Patriarchal, Abusive Country. Allison Evans Ladies have you noticed some of the derogatory comments made on here by some men, we have a long way to go in getting equality of thought let alone anything else. Lesley Pyke King What the hell is wrong with these people?!! The adult women are just as stupid for letting it carry on! Valkyrie Jaune Sg “This year the government recognized breast ironing as a form of child abuse for the FIRST TIME” !!!! ???? What was it supposed to be before???

Katy Bowman Has anyone actually watched this, as everyone is blaming men? This was her sister that done it…so it was her in the wrong, not a man? Just Horrific and I know people think its a way of protecting their children from rape but it’s not!  Erika Higginson Omg and those men come here with that attitude it is so wrong and not acceptable and as for a mother doing that to her daughter, it’s draconian and unbelievably that she could do it education is needed to stop them doing it. Vanessa Galvão Good intention??? This is women abusing women, So let me abuse you to protect you from men’s abuse. With?. As my grandmother used to say, Hell is full of “good intentions”


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