Hot Jesus take the wheel shirt


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The recent one is 115k death in Hot Jesus take the wheel shirt  Iraq, blood on their hands and faces Robert Busika Of course, who doesn’t know that Alex Cox When I was a kid I crashed my bike and scabbed my knee pretty bad. I kept picking at it cuz it itched, and it itched cuz I kept picking at it. Took all summer to heal. Brain West So we are going to blame Britain for our inability to get rid of racism in our country? I mean, we have the choice to stop! Michael Weir The bbc is not so squeaky clean, they knew about jimmy Saville for years and did nothing to stop him bob O’Brien BBC !!!

Hot Jesus take the wheel shirt, Hoodie, v-neck-tee-shirt, ladies-tee and tank top

hot Jesus take the wheel shirt
hot Jesus take the wheel shirt
hot Jesus take the wheel shirt
tank top
hot Jesus take the wheel shirt
v-neck t-shirt

When are you going to make a documentary on Jesus take the wheel shirt young Scottish lad tortured and murdered in a racist attack in Scotland ?Paul Colborn Another great self- loathing article from the Beeb telling us how we should all hate ourselvesKathie Kresha Oh just stop! South American native people enslaved and sacrificed neighboring people. It is all terrible and it’s over. What is terrible now is trafficking children and the sex trade! How do we end this current Slavery?!

It’s actually quite interesting to see how the entire narrative about slavery and colonization seems to be centered solely around The USA. The modern nations on the entire landmass of The Americas were all built on colonization and – in many cases – slavery too. Brazil is the most populous country on that continent, it also has friction between the descendants of its European settlers (in this case Portuguese) and their slaves, but there’s next to no coverage of such issues in the western media. Jack Ferguson Slavery of indigenous people in the Americas by Spanish, Portuguese predated 1619.  Absolute disgrace, and have the nerve to charge pensioners a license to watch their trash.


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