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As long as it isn’t boaty coalface the I am a Gorilla shirt public has earned its trust back that’s easy. Baby prisoner. Because that’s what Zoo life is. It’s long past time to stop locking wild animals up for our amusement. And what of the poor dead baby zebra in your zoo. It should have been running across the savannahs of Africa, not running away from fireworks and dying from injury. I would have said Clifton as a name now that they’ve announced they’ll be closing the Clifton site. They are living things that need their freedom. How about covid 19 for all the people that have passed away through this horrible virus or 20 20 the year we all will never forget just a thought though our client is looking for a Customer Service / Call Center Representative who is excited about joining their team and providing excellent service. They are looking for someone passionate about customer service and assisting those who need help. We have amazing people down here. That operation was extremely important. The gorilla would have been ostracized from the group. If animals are going to be in zoo’s they deserve the absolute BEST care that can be provided.

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Position Overview: The I am a Gorilla shirt Customer Service / Call Center Representative will be responsible for managing day to day customer service duties. They will assist customers with any issues via phone and email. Our client is looking for someone who has a flexible schedule, willing to learn, a team player and has strong problem-solving skills.

By observing the animal’s behavior and they are more like humans than u think watch monkey world on the pick to find out about monkeys. their keepers will know them inside out as well. That was in a bad taste. Why not think things in a more scientifically progressive way than making a fan of things? Uncalled for.


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