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his makes me feel sick. That poor man, they probably thought an I Am Only Talking To My Chinese Shirt disabled man’s life wasn’t worth anything.
Bless him. I think the murderer should have the same treatment as the poor man still alive when cremated? It says he was given alcohol until he passed out and then locked in a coffin. This is truly dreadful. I can’t even understand how disgraceful some people are. A traditional burial for one person leads to a sadistic killing of another. Nothing traditional or respectful about that. Poor guy. And he had Down syndrome just minding his business picking litter from the street.

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No empathy. I really hope he didn’t suffer. So how does a “suspended death sentence” that would be commuted to “life in prison” if he doesn’t re-offend? Is he able to commit another offense in prison or is he out of prison? I must have missed something in the article. They’ll need the space, so they’ll make a vacancy at some point I’m wondering, though, if the family had enough money to pay someone to steal a body, couldn’t they have traveled/transported their family member to an area where they could have a traditional burial?”He then put the victim’s body into a coffin and days later it was passed on to the family in exchange for money.” Good grief. I have no words about the depravity of the human race. I want off this planet some days.*”His family hired someone to find a substitute body that could be cremated in place of their relative’s.
But unknown to them, the man they hired murdered to provide the body”*
Am I missing something? How exactly did the family think they would be provided with a ‘substitute body’ Sounds like a criminal case, but that’s really rare I guess. Tbh a lot of weird things that happened in China that I’ve never heard before was told by BBC, which make me wonder how many bbc journalists on the earth are hiding in China And btw I’m curious about why BBC’s curious about such weird and rare cases in China, China, China. Are they tend to create more excuses for the haters to jump to the Chinese ppl out of China? What’s the point? Let ppl know this, then what? Not only this case occurring in China, and still some wealthy people believed that the young aged deceased must have a consort for the company in the afterlife.
So some mobs lured innocent or intellectually disabled women and then kidnapped, killed them.
And sold their corpse to the wealthy as funerary objects. Where on earth did the family think this guy was just going to ‘find’ another body?!? Surely it was obvious that someone would be murdered? And how didn’t someone check the identity of the deceased before cremation? How did they prove this happened when the evidence had been cremated? There should be a worldwide ban on burials, we don’t have space anymore. I do realize that there is an affordability issue for cremations in poorer countries, but many could adopt this policy. This whole thing doesn’t make sense, the family gives its relative a traditional burial, while also creating a substitute body? That’s why the bat is on the menu, they still think Taiwan is theirs and that a great sea wall of fake islands is needed for defense. People should know why it would happen in China because the communist party doesn’t allow you have any freedom even after you are dead.


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