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Annemarie Mathews Boyle When my I am your nurse shirt mother was in the ICU a few years ago, dying, there was a harpist that would come into the ICU and sit in front of 2 rooms and play. It was so beautiful and she loved it. She passed, away in the hospital, but she would talk about how nice it was that someone came to play for them. It was calming and beautiful. Music can help with the healing process, for sure. This nurse is amazing! Stanley Jaikumar This medical staff plays the violin, to give little more encouragement to the patients who are in need of help. Fantastic work.

I am your nurse shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

I am your nurse shirt
I am your nurse shirt
I am your nurse shirt
tank top
I am your nurse shirt
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There’s another reason for this. When she plays the violin for the patients, the doors of I am your nurse shirt hell are completely locked out and our father in heaven hears her want’s and wishes. Please if you all believe in my comments then send an Amen to God. I believe.
Amen.MaryEllen Gilvey Silvia what you are doing is so beautiful for all the sick Corona Virus Patients in that Chilean Hospital to give them peace and joy and comfort while laying sick in bed. The staff must enjoy it as well. The violin is my favorite classical instrument. Muchos Gracias! God Bless you too! Tani B God bless this sweet lady! I can not even begin to imagine how hard all this must be on healthcare workers. God bless all of you who are serving on the front lines of this virus

Sarah Mirfin Such a lovely kind-hearted lady, but I agree with the comments about this music not being for I am your nurse shirt everyone. If I was bed-bound on the award I’d appreciate kindness but would need headphones, sorry xMehdi Hasnain Jafri Thanks for performing some entertainment program by a tired nurse, she performs this after doing her job by singing and playing the violin. Well done you great lady for diverting the attention of patients .BBC


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