I Can’t Breathe RIP George Floyd shirt



Suze Barton If it wasn’t such an I Can’t Breathe RIP George Floyd shirt serious situation I’d laugh at this article, from the BBC, no less…Because of course, the BBC is top of the list for their unbiased opinions ….Jan Kimble Just a reminder to all foreign countries laughing at this: the fall of America means the end of foreign aide……Mallik Nitesh Kayastha BBC once posted phillipínes earthquake video when Earthquake came in our cóúntry Nepal. BBC is a cheap media that doesn’t believe factcheçking on videos. I miss the good old days of the BBC when it was neutral. I am sure the BBC must have supplied misleading videos of rióts.J.t. Shelley, So we have a media outlet saying that the media is misrepresenting the facts and then the same media outlet gaslights us about our conspiracy theories.

I Can’t Breathe RIP George Floyd shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt


I Can't Breathe RIP George Floyd shirt
I Can't Breathe RIP George Floyd shirt
I Can't Breathe RIP George Floyd shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt


Marci Tsohonis I wish it was only fiction!  There is a coast to coast imposed curfew. It is horrendous. Kris Comments I came here to I Can’t Breathe RIP George Floyd shirt get an idea of the UK’s take is on what is going on in the US. I haven’t seen any of these videos or theories? Who wrote this?? You’re out of touch! Jo-Anne King Seriously BBC, what about all of the misleading stories you are feeding people.

Clean up around your own doorstep! Kieran Tobin “the US started with a revolution. it might as well end with one” is probably the mindset shared by a lot of these people. Clovis Patten, There is a deadly virus in the US that has wiped out more than 100k. These protesters aren’t social distancing, they are gathering in big groups. They have made their views known now so should stop before things get worse. Leen Tommy Well, I agree, but some videos occurred in the past is the prove the discrimination indeed happened in the past and accumulated the hatred in some group.


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