I cant keep calm I’m a redhead shirt


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I cant keep calm I’m a redhead shirt Aoíbheann Hughes Ronan McLaughlinMcLaughlin…congratulations. Your Mozambique Sunset is finally getting the technological recognition it deserves. Carla Frederika Mole, I must say it looks fake. Like they dyed their hair and it went wrong. It’s not redhead it’s the orange head. Also skin. Must have been eating too many carrots? Maybe its the oppression they constantly face. From the sun and the people. Lauren Michelle Zachary, now you will get a question mark, gender sign, skin tone, and hair tone red and then a picture of the emoji when I send you emoji of yourself!!!!!!!

I cant keep calm I’m a redhead shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

I cant keep calm I'm a redhead hoodie
I cant keep calm I'm a redhead ladies-tee
I cant keep calm I'm a redhead tank top
tank top
I cant keep calm I'm a redhead v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt


Randall Broomfield this is I cant keep calm I’m a redhead shirt  it oh my god you have done it bbc you have finally found the most important thing on the planet. so what do we call you now as bbc was a piss poor news page? now you’re the biggest pos page. turn in your press pass and stop with this mind-numbing bs. Stephanie Stewart There really weren’t any redheaded Bitmojis until yesterday!? How did you cope the last couple years w/o one?? Eric Radcliffe #Discrimination Jean East What about people with freckles, don’t they get an emoji or the grey-haired amongst us, do they not count. What of the ginger with blue or green eyes. It’s all getting just a tad silly.TR SelVii TR That doll emoji shd have artful brows and thick eyelashes, we already gonna have hijab emoji, POTU girls ( Indians), straight-haired & squinted eyes ( China, Japan, Korea, Thai), what a racing of emoji races, whatever happen to universal

Chris Anderson, I can see it now Michelle, they’re going to start harvesting gingers for their youthful appearance gene. Watch your back dawg! Bob Smith From experience I can tell you that you make look slightly younger in your 30’s but after 40 you age terribly. If you look at some famous gingers ie David Moyes for instance, you will see that the skin ages terribly on people with this color hair. Sadly I’m 57, and with predominantly grey hair now I easily pass for 60 plus. Heather Belladonna, I have a feeling black people were not included in this study. I know many black people who look much younger than their age, sometimes decades. Asian people too. The article says they admit a need to vary their genetic pool of those tested. I will be interested in what they find when they do.


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