I drink coffe periodically shirt



Jessica Ymc Just heartbreaking. I just wish people would open their eyes and I drink coffe periodically shirt understand that this virus has not disappeared overnight. The easing of lockdown was always going to happen, but people need to be more sensible and it certainly isn’t an excuse for a party, especially on this scale. People are still getting infected and fighting for their lives in hospitals – how can you watch the news, look at videos and posts of those suffering and then think you’re an exception and are safe from contracting the virus? If it’s not you, then it might be your loved ones. Unfortunately, until it affects you personally, the severity of this virus will never hit home.BBC

I drink coffe periodically shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

I drink coffe periodically shirt
I drink coffe periodically shirt
I drink coffe periodically shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Frances Black Total disrespect for those who have died of I drink coffe periodically shirt COVID and also families that have lost love ones. I can’t trust fellow humans to stick to the rules. Saddening and maddening. Samantha Kay Neal Bucktowar What is wrong with people??? Sadly even though Boris has trusted the public with staying ‘alert’ at this time of easing lockdown, it seems that a large dose of common sense is what’s needed among some of the nations, rather than just staying ‘alert’!

Kate Gowans Seriously, I would take the names of everyone who is breaking lockdown and enter them into a National Database which flags up their name if they need an NHS bed. The computer says NO! Have some people no common sense. Thought that is easy to follow. Stay safe. Sharon Whittingham Why are people still comparing stupidity like this to what Dominic Cummings did? He did wrong, we know it, they know it (but are clearly never going to admit to it). If he had decided to free fall from the top of Barnard Castle to test his levitation, would we have masses of people trying to do the same despite knowing it was dangerous?


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