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I had left my corporate charter on I just freaking love owls ok shirt my work computer. I had brought it in and emailed from my work email (yeah, yeah, I didn’t think – it was bad) – to the lawyer to review. The boss proceeded to fire us all on the spot and then had the rest of the office pool watch as we packed our desks and escorted off the property. I felt terrible, we were going to just leave the office, one of my partners had already given notice. Hopefully under more friendly terms, but it was not to be. It was humiliating, and one of those situations you have a hard time recovering from. I got two people fired, and it was not their fault. It was mine.

I just freaking love owls ok shirt Hoodie, ladies-tee, v-neck-tee-shirt and tank-top

I just freaking love owls ok Hoodie
I just freaking love owls ok Ladies-tee
I just freaking love owls ok Tank-top
I just freaking love owls ok  V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt

When I was I just freaking love owls ok shirt working in skilled nursing, we had a patient named Annie. As a charge nurse, I would always take a minute to intro our new trainees to our residents and Annie would always say she didn’t want the new girl. I gave our most recent trainee to one of our experienced CNAs. Didn’t think beyond that. The new gal was loading up the specific items and loading them to the shower room. It all went south as the CNA unwrapped the towel that was wrapped around Anny’s long, recently washed hair. As she started to run it through her hair, Annie shrieked. She began speaking her native language loudly. She thought she knew best” I defended the CNA and asked if any of that mattered now. I’ll never forget. She said “ That girl..the one that didn’t listen..she will lose her teeth. She will lose 2 just like my comb” The dream seemed so real. I usually don’t remember my dreams, but I remembered that one!


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