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Lyn Turner For all we know, this I love my German shepherd shirt dog refused and the owner took him away. There is no proof that the owner pushed the dog in or threw him in. I think it is someone trying to make trouble for the film set. Lydia Schleinitz Bet it would have had a ‘no animals were harmed’ blah blah in the credits if this hadn’t come out & we’d have believed it! Wonder now how many other films are really like this. Jonny Reid If this dog wants so badly to be a Hollywood star, then it must learn to put itself through a bit of adversity. Michael J Fox almost died in a hanging scene in Back To The Future 3, but did you hear him complaining….NO!

I love my German shepherd shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

I love my German shepherd hoodie
I love my German shepherd ladies-tee
I love my German shepherd tank top
tank top
I love my German shepherd V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt

Shun the film. Do not even pay to go I love my German shepherd shirt and watch when released. I feel sorry for you that you only have room for one or the other. He was dipping his toes in and when realizing he wasn’t ready yet was pulling him out. Please note that this was clearly during filming and there would have been lots of preparation or possibly other takes beforehand alongside numerous rehearsals and desensitizing. The dog was maybe having an off day but his trainer knows him best just as any owner would know their own dog.

Film sets are almost always the safest place in the world, with animals it is a requirement o have a vet on set whilst also having a safety procedure. Yes sometimes things go wrong but the reason the dog isn’t dead is that he was in no danger. It’s his job, you wouldn’t complain about police or military dogs in REAL danger of death almost every day. I think spiders are innocent creatures but everyone seems to like to pee on them before flushing. Let’s not be selective here folks. #outraged.BBC


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.