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Must be where the I love my manly Chihuahua shirt ones just arrived at RSPCA Derby have come from (have a look if you’re thinking of adopting) just wow, neutering is important! Our 3 Chihuahuas take up so much time to look after. Glad they’ve gone to good homes and hope the separation wasn’t too painful.Absolute insanity! Yes, they may have been loved which is positive but you need to be a superhuman to care for that many dogs so unfair. What a bunch of judges, in-compassionate…. are you all incapable of being able to take a balanced view of this really tragic story? The woman died. The RSPCA. Were able to assess the situation, thankfully. They know what they’re doing. Although sadly I fear a few may not this is why pets need to go to the vet, too many are born because the owner didn’t bother to have them spayed or neutered. Some people are too irresponsible.

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This is very sad on so many levels. People who are hoarders generally have mental health problems. I imagine they then became totally overwhelmed by the I love my manly Chihuahua shirt situation they created! Hopefully, the rest of the wee souls will get good homes and the man gets some support to care properly for himself and the 4 that are going back to him otherwise he might just get more that aren’t neutered and start all over again .

Chris Smith, 82 dogs that were created in a span of only four years from the original two dogs they had. Not having spayed and neutered the pair, particularly after their first litter, is irresponsible pet ownership right there. Why too many + so much stress for them to try to feed, take care of so many.


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