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Biden is better off without them anyway but I really hope Twitter does the right thing and I love Saline Michigan vintage classic shirt bans Trump anyway. He’s broken their rules numerous times. Get rid of him and give the world some peace. To be fair those who want to follow the current POTUS will re-follow. They will be notified. Better to have a clean break as the last President was less than ideal. Obama had a great following with honor. Good. Biden is what the American people want in a Leader. Honest Reliable and Trustworthy. Merica will be so proud of Joseph the new supreme leader. Great man. Joe is a real American hero. He doesn’t need to be on Twitter. I prefer televised presidential speeches and press conferences. They can put all of that on Twitter after. For those who didn’t get it the first time around. I would rather not hear from the president 18 times a day about all of his grievances. I would rather he govern with a steady hand and go before the cameras only when the nation needs to have vital information. Some of those followers were Obama’s followers that rolled over for Trump. If only there were a way to get rid of Trump’s minions and leave the sane people.

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I love Saline Michigan vintage classic v-neck t-shirt
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Who wants Trump’s followers anyway? not even Trump wants them. Trump is the I love Saline Michigan vintage classic shirt typical cult leader, he despises his followers but he also needs funding. Only in the US, blue-collar workers would give what little they have in their pockets to a self-proclaimed billionaire, tax evader who is actually disgusted by blue-collar ‘suckers’ who pay taxes and work hard for their money!

We will immediately rejoin President Trump’s page. They did not do this to Obama…but that is where the problem lies…they treated this President differently from before the start. If our media had not been dishonest he would not have needed to address the people through social media. Somehow past presidents got along just fine without Twitter for centuries. It’s just the current fake president who can’t communicate without a silly little social media network filled with the mean girls.


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