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Nobody can beat the I made a deal with the devil shirt greatest American president ever in Donald Trump. Don Don will rule for another four years. Put your trust in the Supreme Leader. He will never be beaten. Sanders being President is like Corbyn being Prime Minister, just not gonna happen. Trump’s guaranteed a second term anyway, if the same people gave him his first then nothing he does will put them off now. Donald has got the next election in the bag, as he is a closer representation of the average American. Not only did president President Trump kick start the economy in the last 4 yrs he will do it again in 2020 and beyond. It’s shocking how stupid some Americans are, even now, loads of them are quick to jump on here in support of Trump, despite his spectacular failure in dealing with this virus.

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Such a shame because loads of them are going to I made a deal with the devil shirt die now because of Trump’s denials and inaction. Blaming the WHO won’t get him out of this mess. Considering he was with Obama for years, Biden really struggles to get a sentence out. Bernie would have been the right choice. I’ll make my decision once all the candidates, major and minor parties, are known. I’m fairly certain I will not be voting for President Trump, but I still haven’t seen who is going to be the Green party’s or libertarian party’s candidates. Most likely I’ll vote for one of those two.

People are dying and suffering from coronavirus but Mr. Biden and Bernie just thinking that they may lose their position. never thinking how hard any desperate situation people have at staying at home. America is screwed. No matter who is at the helm. It’s just egomaniacs with money. That orange clown has done irreparable damage. The rest of the world sees it for what it is. A sinking ship.


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