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Dad assured her all was fine, and I think he even gave her a talk about going up to stranger’s doors. She had explained where she lived, which is I make stuff up shirt we know she was a neighbor, and dad sent her home. I don’t know what she told her parents that night if anything, and I don’t know if they gave her a similar talk to what my dad gave, but I sure hope she learned how bad that could’ve ended for her. Thankfully she just ran into my dad tickling a screaming 5-year-old, and not the registered sex offender on the other block. When I first started, I was craving cookies, hard. I rushed to the store in search of sugar-free cookies and baked goods.

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I knew those were a thing, because of I make stuff up shirt, right? Cue me in the cookie aisle, looking at the labels of the sugar-free cookies ferociously, utterly bewildered that they still had so many carbs in them. “But there’s no sugar! Why are there still so many carbs?!?” I thought as I picked up package after package. It took me a good ten minutes to catch on to the fact that while these cookies had no sugar, they did, in fact, still have flour said to put 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper into the mixture, so I did. Upon finishing the meal, I went to try it and it was so spicy that I straight-up teared up. Naturally, I went back to the recipe, which in actuality instructed to use 2 teaspoons of cayenne.


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