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She sounds wonderful, but I think to Ilhan Omar for Congress shirt be U.S. President you must be a natural-born citizen. I don’t know how that would work if Joe Biden couldn’t fulfill his term. She confirmed she’s been interviewed. And having her military credentials on the ticket would be a stark contrast to the draft dodger.she might be qualified but the electorate who at best is one step below sophomoric will relate her disability as a weakness and associated that with Biden…woulddon’t work! I am thinking he’s going with Kamala Harris. He was spotted with a handwritten note extolling her virtuesSenator Duckworth has a relative that fought the British in the American Revolution. Yes her mother is Thai. She IS the American dream is all about.

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I will vote for the Ilhan Omar for Congress shirt ticket regardless, but this choice would play to the middle and Biden should be seeking to pull in some of the more liberal DemsShe has really done nothing for us in Illinois. BTW, the Democrats have run Illinois into the ground. Our credit rating is one notch above junk status. Nice. We need her where she is to draft more legislation for us handicapped individuals. I would much rather have Susan Rice, simply because of the experience.

She knows the international players and is already up to speed on world affairs and knows what a well run white house looks like. She would bring back the dignity of a white house that is run by adults. I really hope he picks her! I can’t stand the thought of Trump or Biden. At least she would give a ray of hope for us out here. She would be a great V.P. I think. Enough to sway my vote for that ticket. If she is chosen as VP, I wonder what horrifying thing Trump will say or do to make fun of her? I wouldn’t put it past him to limp around on stage or discredit her service.


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