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They have made it clear they don’t want to I’m a march Queen shirt be part of the UK Royal Family, they don’t want anything to do with the UK. Please let them disappear into obscurity. So now they have made this decision can the whole world leave them to be private citizens and could they please stop courting press coverage? They can’t have it both ways! I used to respect Harry and the work he did for INVICTUS. Not now though. Another American divorcee calling the shots. No sense of duty. Good riddance. For a couple wanting out of the limelight, they’re doing a good job of keeping in it. Just my own thoughts! They’re releasing this way too late, the British public knew this along time ago. And I hope they do have every one of their Royal entitlements taken of them as well! Best wishes to both Harry and Meghan. The Royal Family destroyed Princess Diana. Thank goodness they won’t get to do the same with Harry, her son, and grandchildren. William is cold like the Queen. That is no big surprise. Let them live as long as it doesn’t cost us, British people. He’s chosen to walk away so let him carve out a happy life, funded by himself. There may be some private reason for them to leave. There are secrets in every family, some are very dark and painful.

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Sometimes, the I’m a march Queen shirt best you can do is maintain a distance or even cut ties altogether. That’s what happened in my family. Or…maybe they found out they like NOT having to perform duties was freeing. Why would they return when they have been so critiqued by the public here? Good on them for making a life away and earning their own money. In a way, I feel sorry for Harry.

The impression that comes across, to me at least, is that Meghan wanted to “join” the royal family, partly to be a “royal” and partly to be famous! Unfortunately being a Royal isn’t all it’s made out to be and she didn’t like it. She tried to move away from the family but keep many of the benefits, such as the title. At least she got her to wish to be famous, shame it’s on the back of Harry!


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