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All these people moaning bet you don’t still live at home doing everything your relatives tell you to I’m a March Queen vintage shirt doDo people think Oprah would be interviewing them if Harry’s grandmother was a dinner lady from Bolton? No! These two are blatantly profiteering from him being a member of the Royal Family while giving nothing back. Giving high-profile television interviews are not acts of privacy. Give it 2 years till she gets bored of him and realizes royal life isn’t what she thought it would be. I do feel for her in some ways but she chose to marry harry and she knew what was expected of them both what a shame, he had so much potential to change things for the better. Now he is just a joke and sad as it is I think his mother even be ashamed of him. They won’t be missed they are disrespectful to the royal family. Prince Phillip in the news. Megan oh no let’s announce something quick! Done the pregnancy so we’ll play we not coming back card. Well, I thought they were no longer duke and Duchess of Sussex as their title was taken due to them moving out and not wanting to be royals? Fair enough – perhaps now all UK media should stop reporting on any story relating to these people.

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They want to I’m a March Queen vintage shirt step back, thats fine as it’s their lives. Thank goodness for that! Maybe the media will shut up about them now and leave them to their self-hyped private life! I hope they’re going to refund the taxpayers for their state wedding… As they don’t want the job that went with it…

Why should we pay for ordinary people to have a massive wedding…everyone is entitled to do and live as they wish but why say they want their privacy then tell the whole world of the miscarriage she had… I don’t think that’s a very private thing to do.


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