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Good luck to I’m a pisces Queen vintage shirt them Harry’s always been a wild child if he wants to be free of them let him, he’s living his life with his family, probably doing what he wants and not what everyone expects of him, he has guts.. maybe William feels the same way but just not strong enough to do it . Very disrespectful to do this Harry to your grandmother at this worrying time as with your grandfather being poorly you really have no thought at all for the family that raised you and got you the wealth you have today you must be. a disappointment to your GannyThe comments on this thread show exactly why Harry chose to step down and protect his wife and son. Good luck to both of them, I wish them nothing but happiness – I was never a fan of Diana but I think she would be proud of Harry’s independence only got one thing to say…Good…Harry has shown himself in his true colors! I dislike disrespect and disloyalty! He has chosen this so-called private life in the U.S.A!

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When I remember watching their wedding and I’m a pisces Queen vintage shirt Prince Charles walking Meghan up the Aisle…the beautiful home was given to them! It makes me feel sick to think of them! I do hope the media give it a rest and concentrate on more important news! No surprise there, Meghan had no intention of being a working member of the Royal Family.

Strip them of their titles and see how they get on as Prince Harry (his birthright) and Mrs. Harry Wales. Just very sad that she has separated Harry from his family and military associations which meant so much to him. I wish them all the best but I feel that Harry’s place in the succession to the throne should be stripped and so should his children’s.


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