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As much as I’d like to I’m an Aries Queen shirt blame someone and be angry.. it has been clear for some time that Harry is still suffering the loss of his Mum quite badly and probably blames her fame& the Royal Family to some extent.. therefore, taking himself away from all that reminds him of his loss means he can start to heal…From the beginning, she only married for fame and luxury life, not expecting charity hard work. But she is a hard worker. She wants privacy, so she accepts interviews, publishes books, “accidentally “shows up in some shooting sites, soup kitchen…she works really hard to keep privacy, to escape from cameras. When will the media accept that these two individuals have made a choice? Let them go and good riddance. Meghan got to play the ‘Princess Role’ but she didn’t want the responsibility that went with it. Harry doesn’t have a mind of his own and lives his life on emotion. They have made their beds let them lie on them most of us have more to think about than being constantly reminded about their lives. They have cost the British taxpayer millions, let us drawn a line under it and move on. I’m sure we’ll all survive without them. Markle has such a high opinion of herself this little-known actress was never going to accept a supporting role in the Royal Family.

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Please stop addressing them as Duke and I’m an Aries Queen shirt Duchess or Prince. They are not deserving of the titles and all formalities should be stripped. Harry allowed his “wife” to come between him and his entire family. They wanted to be out of the spotlight and paparazzi yet he and his wife run off to the media every time to make whatever statement they want.

It shows she was using him all along to have a bigger public image. Such a shame that he chose to disgrace the queen, his family, and the entire country that was there for him. There’s a saying never bite the hand of those that feed you.


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