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Loads and I’m black and not a criminal shirt loads of wonderful people departed us in 2020, it’s really sad seeing it listed like this. Rather a few childhood heroes too. You knew the day would ultimately come for many, but always a shock when you hear the news. I hope 2021 can be a little kinder and let some of the greats live on a little longer I do feel more sadness for the younger generation, who are at the peak of their careers when they pass. I hope the New Year brings all of their loved ones and families some happiness. Chadwick Boseman’s death really shocked me. Such an outstanding talent and a kind, caring, courageous man. I still cannot get over it. Didn’t know about Marian Chesney. I met her on a book tour in Seattle, WA. Told her I was a “little in love” with her character Hamish McBeth. She did not think that remark even merited a response! Yes, RIP to all. Also, let’s not forgot so many other people who passed away before their time from Covid and other causes. It has been a very tough year for many. Many great names and faces to go along with all the other special individuals in our personal lives. Wishing you a happy and healthy new year all.

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One of the I’m black and not a criminal shirt most tragic I think was Archie Lyndhurst passing away at just 19, he had just started on a promising career and his whole life ahead of him RIP young man . Sadly I wasn’t surprised about Sir Sean as I had seen photo’s of his 90th Birthday Celebrations and he looked very frail and unwell – but poor Caroline was indeed a tragedy – a shock –

but no real surprise to me after watching news footage of the shocking hounding she had to endure leaving court when she had heard a trial was to ensure. – How on Earth she was not given help when it was so obvious that she needed it – as she also looked very unwell. I will never understand She was such a beautiful and extremely talented, lovely young lady – and the best Strictly Celebrity Ever!


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