I’m here to get my balls wet shirt


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Chris Mance Trump making one I’m here to get my balls wet shirt last billion before he ungracefully exits through the back door. That guy does nothing but acts to enrich himself and those around him. Expect the Stockmarket to soar and the plummet or vice versa….. doesn’t matter if you know when to buy and sell. Nothing new, really!! Godknows Shumba China is too big n classy to defeat at the moment.  Americans should come forward with the free world to say “no” to the White House.

I’m here to get my balls wet shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Ladies-tee, and tank top

i'm here to get my balls wet shirt
i'm here to get my balls wet shirt
i'm here to get my balls wet shirt
tank top
i'm here to get my balls wet shirt
v-neck t-shirt


DoneTania Glendinning, There has to be … then they can spend money on weapons and all that crap and give them contracts to  I’m here to get my balls wet shirt their buddies and generate lots of business !!!! I mean peace, tolerance, acceptance, and cooperation . William Bryant Scrivener Condemning Trump’s behavior towards China isn’t an endorsement of China. The three world powers are making things worse for all of us. Loretta Lyons Trump’s angry Xi didn’t agree to interfere in our election on his behalf. He’s pitching his usual tantrum. Trying to save face, to look tough. Xi is an infinitely more intelligent and skilled negotiator. Trump doesn’t stand a chance of obtaining anything of value to the US.

Rakesh Kumar china comprises much population than the USA, yet the role of China and Chinese workers in the making of USA is richful, one thing about china is that it is super growing economy in the world, so trump did not compromise with the capitalistic progress of USA and have Chinese fever anytime, the second thing the USA wants to give up the global warming of the world as a moral duty for Asia and to carbon 12 availability undisturbed to make climate calm. Oscar Leon so what happened to the greatest deal maker, to the greatest deal closer, I just love the way he’s dealing his way out of the White House


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