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Little poppets. Trouble is everyone will be breeding this latest ‘fad’ to I’m only talking to my dog today shirt death, & I mean literally. Just watch all those greedy puppy farmers! Best dog? One from the shelter! A rescue! Adopt don’t shop! Ive always loved all the versions of this breed but despite owning many breeds over the years somehow never had one. Always stop to say hello if I come across one. I love my doxies! They are the sweetest. Once they love you, they are loyal and protective. My doxies are well behaved and loving pups. I don’t like Dachshunds I had one for about 10 years and He liked to piss on my children’s school bags. They are very cute dogs but my dog is a German shepherd I think they are the best very loving loyal family dogs and look after you. My neighbor has one and it does nothing but bark and attacks his Yorkie, but his Yorkie is as nice as pie, unlike his last 2, don’t really see the attraction in small dogs myself. Nothing beats a Rough Collie for me. Beautiful, sweet, loyal loving dogs. I’d love another but I realize I cannot give the time or attention it would need.

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If you live in the I’m only talking to my dog today shirt States and want a dachshund, please check out the Little Paws Dachshund Society first. They have lots of wonderful doxies and doxie mixes for adoption. They are sweet but nope not ours has to be a Great Dane for me and a German Shepard for the Mr.

We do have a cavalier that believes she’s human and snores like a good though. They are small, but they are also proper dogs with long noses. Their intelligence is in their noses. Unlike those other idiotic small dogs. Breeding a species to deliberately have deformed stumpy legs because “it looks cute.” Not exactly one of our finest domestication highlights as a species.


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