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Should apply this rule to the I’m The Cat Lover Elf Christmas shirt whole country, not the city! It should also happen to the rest of the world. Love the cats & dogs, they are friends who also live on the planet!Might stop a few new viruses- now if they could stop eating live animals and bats that would help even more. It’s not just in one area of the world- and it’s obviously a problem. The fact that it seems harder for the CCP to control the sale of feral and wild animals in open markets (which is still going on) than it is for them to force people into isolation, silence dissenters, and create their own media narrative should remind everyone exactly why we should be looking elsewhere for guidance. And ensure the cognitive dissonance of those that are overjoyed at this decision yet will continue to consume various other animals who live equally miserable and tortured lives – what’s the lesson here; we don’t need to eat any animals…. end speciesism and go Vegan.

I’m The Cat Lover Elf Christmas shirt, hoodie, ladies-tee, Tank top, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt

I'm The Cat Lover Elf Christmas hoodie
I'm The Cat Lover Elf Christmas ladies-tee
I'm The Cat Lover Elf Christmas sweater
I'm The Cat Lover Elf Christmas v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

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It’s so so sick and I’m The Cat Lover Elf Christmas shirt cruel it’s the worse thing I can think of. It’s like they have no conscience whatsoever including those that are not poor. I could understand possibly if they were starving but far from the truth. This covid was like karma on them as just simply not right except obviously on the thousands of innocent lives taken as a result. They never learned from previous diseases I.e. SARS etc. Health experts knew a pandemic was very possible. What about the rest of the wild animals like bats and other things. Nasty way of eating and they caused all these deaths and suffering around the world. People have lost jobs and homes and can’t pay for bills because of it.

They need to face up to what has been done over there. I just went back to the way my nans used to do it. Good on them. Though I’m secretly gutted as love glitter!!! But even I’ve ditched the sparkly cards and wrap since last year, we used brown paper instead. W H Smith, I noticed also selling recyclable wrap and bows/ribbons, etc. These decorations were dutifully added and Christmas tradition was restored. Glitter, straws, and stirrers. A drop in the ocean compared to all the disposable masks lying around everywhere. Many of them have layers of polyester so will not degrade for decades. Love this! Glitter is near impossible to clean from our oceans and is consumed by so much wildlife.


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.