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Monique Chennell Can’t believe family can do this(well I can) so sad, could never see anyone on streets, who I know, I’ve always had someone stay, who has been kicked out BCS fallen out with parents, we have lot’s here & meant to be a posh town but yet have no compassion, always ask if they need anything & have a chat ?Rusty Shackleford Took mean I’m the night shift batnurse shirt bit to figure out sleeping rough is a term for those across the pond. I thought sleeping rough was another term for backwoods camping at first. Cause I am so down for an 8month camping trip! This would provide an address that would help in job searches. The continued failure by the local and central government to do anything looks ever more like a policy to abuse these people than to provide a meaningful solution.

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Katarzyna Rybczynska Good if tv showing homeless ppl. In central London, there are plenty of them. Every Bank or supermarket busy with the stuff, they are sleeping on the grand on cardboard. Dave Smith Yeah one night with security and creature comforts if required….its high time councils were given powers to cease empty offices and habitable buildings to I’m the night shift batnurse shirt house our growing homeless population…I’d also like to see mothballed military camps opened up to homeless veterans. Kathy Anderson Why is she homeless? If it’s through no fault of her own it’s dreadful.No one should be on the streets in this country. With the amount of empty buildings etc the councils should be doing more



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