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Jack Fortune I have to I’m the veteran not the veteran’s wife shirt be honest and say I found that at times he could be very condescending and patronizing with some guests (eg: Annie Murphy) whilst being completely the opposite with others in almost adoration of them (eg: Sinead O’Connor, Hugh Leonard). Can’t say I ever liked him, but in fairness he did challenge small-minded secretive Ireland by openly addressing many taboo subjects on the Late Late, forcing Government and Church to face up to issues. So fair play to him for that anyway. I hope he is at peace and in a good place. Remember him on the late show that’s where the pop group Boyzone started omg this is sad news a good presenter rest in peace gay the Angels

I’m the veteran not the veteran’s wife shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

I'm the veteran not the veteran's wife shirt
I'm the veteran not the veteran's wife shirt
I'm the veteran not the veteran's wife shirt
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v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

RIP to an inspirational broadcaster, who set the  I’m the veteran, not the veteran’s wife shirt standards that have somewhat slipped today. A national treasure. R.I.P. Maya, he rests in peace I remember him from my childhood I loved watching the toy show he was a broadcasting legend. May he rest in peace. A ground-breaking program in many ways hosted by a real professional and a true gent. Such a loss.

Nicole Duggan He was a father to a nation. Gave children the late toy show which is truly magical and he gave the people a voice. A remarkable man. Thanks Gaybo for the memories.John Howard Quality broadcaster, interviewer, and a bit of a national treasure in Ireland for sure. The LLS was not late at all which I always found a bit funny .. I think it finished around 10 pm?  I’m sure he and Terry Wogan are gassing away like good uns out there somewhere 🙂 RIP.BBC


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