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What a joke! This from the Impeach Biden 2020 shirt faction that spent the last 4 years denying the outcome of 2016, and saying that Biden should not concede “under any circumstances” if 2020 had gone the other way. They don’t need to be lecturing anybody! Such hypocrites. It’s an embarrassment that he’s claiming the office when there are still a handful of states counting votes. As they like to say about the other side, he (and the media) doesn’t decide who wins. Trump has that right. I would think he would want to start his presidency on the right foot and not under the conspiracy that he won fraudulently. It’s time for Donald Trump to pack his bags and go home. They want him to concede and give up but he won’t! Too much evidence coming to light that proves this election was a farce. Biden is setting up a lot of people for disappointment by acting like he’s won already. The election is not over until mid-December, so STFU about Trump is not over it. You Democrats were not over the 2016 election after 3 years.

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“Attention all media outlets/reporters: There is no “President-Elect” until the States certify the Impeach Biden 2020 shirt election results, conduct any recounts required, the electors meet, and the Electoral College votes to elect a President. The press does not get to bestow that title upon any candidate, only the Electoral College does.

“Donald Trump is an embarrassment to American democratic values and global image. With Joe Biden, that tainted imagine can easily be repaired and once again, America can resume its international responsibility in a dignified manner. The election was a week ago. Put up or shut up with this voter fraud bs. Pounding the table and yelling isn’t evidence.


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