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What does that mean? How does a nation have “prosperity with a nation? Is that what will happen when the In Memoriam Don Shula 1930-2020 shirt Foreign Office takes over the Department for Overseas Development I wonder? I do hope the Conservative Government will therefore increase Overseas Aid and not in any way reduce it, as has been rumored to be a real possibility! I for one will hold you to that Johnson with your “prosperity with all nations ‘ coin mantra! This is nothing more than a mass humiliation of those who voted to remain; a symbolic form of rubbing the opposition’s nose in the mud.  Don’t get me wrong, I accept the decision of the Brexit vote, but to leave with such fanfare is not only crass, tasteless, and highly unlikely to heal any divisions between leave and remain voters, it highlights just how out of touch Boris Johnson is with the nation.I am giving everyone I get as a gift-aided donation to charity in protest at this abusive politicization of the Royal Mint. This Government is not acting in my name and is a disgrace.

In Memoriam Don Shula 1930-2020 shirt, hoodie, ladies-tee, Tank top, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt

In Memoriam Don Shula 1930-2020 hoodie
In Memoriam Don Shula 1930-2020 ladies-tee
In Memoriam Don Shula 1930-2020 sweater
In Memoriam Don Shula 1930-2020 v-neck t-shirt
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The In Memoriam Don Shula 1930-2020 shirt UK doesn’t even have peace, prosperity, and friendship in its own nation because of Brexit.  This coins as much of a joke as Britain has become.

This just shows how out of touch politicians are. They probably think this is a great idea to start unifying the nation. No, it isn’t, it will just upset and depress people who think leaving the EU is a terrible idea and will give leavers more ammunition to glorify in it as they seem to think it was a game with victors and losers.


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