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The Inauguration day 2021 TRump pence shirt Kremlin did benefit from Trump’s presidency as Trump has consistently worked to undermine faith in America’s elections.  I’d recommend a crash course in history. In this way, you’ll see how “pleasant and progressive” Russian influence was in Europe. They created a huge prison camp of communist countries, controlled by pressure, with suppressed people. I lived all my life in Eastern Europe. Grab a book and read for a change. The only Russian interference was the bogus Steele dossier. Russian officials said Mr.  Trolls, please don’t bother to abuse me for that comment – I’m not a covert Commie! The 1st impeachment was a fraudulent affair now Obamagate has been released…a country divided over two men. You have always been a great country please make it that way again.  I’m sure there is a transcript of Biden’s call, and that’s the difference between a con man and a responsible adult. Really sets the cogs whirring.Good job! All leaders around the world should condemn the political repressions that continue now in Russia. Especially Navalny, the opposition leader, who has been detained illegally and previously poisoned. There were protests in Russia on Saturday 23 Jan and will be protests on the 31 Jan all over Russia. Also around the world Russian immigrants are holding protests. Come and join!

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Unfortunately, Donald Trump will likely be long gone and the Inauguration day 2021 TRump pence shirt only responsibility he will bear will be a new page in our children’s history books describing his failed legacy to protect our nation from harm. This conflict is about cyber-warfare and espionage. These two countries have been playing this game my entire lifetime, and it has gone digital.

The only way to win this war is to launch a calculated and sweeping digital counterattack. The government hack was Putin seeing an unorganized administration in disarray, that was likely to lose power in the US, and knew the window of opportunity to launch a cyberattack was closing.  Back to the Obama days trying to provoke Russia he’s just saying what he is told to by Harris and others.


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