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Used to Iron Maiden Powerslave Lightning Circle shirt be most everyone knew how to mechanic their own vehicles, mend clothes, grow food, use stuff on hand to make new stuff, etc. Our economy is based on consumption. Making stuff cheaply so almost everyone can afford it and afford to throw it away. Stuff is designed not to last. Most everyone lost those skills, dependent now on just buying more. But it uses resources and then winds up in landfills or our oceans. It’s not sustainable. If the economy doesn’t constantly grow, it collapses. That’s not sustainable. Happy to see this movement. Fix stuff. Repurpose stuff. Buy used stuff. Recycle stuff. We have a monthly “repair cafe” in Wantage. Sorted out my cassette player for me and rehomed a garden vacuum that was too heavy for me to use. Two items I would have dumped. I remember when this happened. My mother drove around town for half a day, trying to get a TV or VCR repaired. Three repairmen told her that it would be cheaper just to buy a new one. She laughed and then he quoted her a price just to open the thing up, and what a fix was likely to cost.

Iron Maiden Powerslave Lightning Circle shirt, hoodie, ladies-tee, Tank top, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt

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Iron Maiden Powerslave Lightning Circle ladies-tee
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Iron Maiden Powerslave Lightning Circle v-neck t-shirt
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She left it with the Iron Maiden Powerslave Lightning Circle shirt last person who said he would use it for spare parts. I need someone to open and resolder my GPU back in my laptop, and fix any other issues it’s been having for free (I honestly can’t afford to repair or replace). Any suggestions? This is a wonderful idea.

Little depresses me more than encountering single-use, unrepairable domestic items; things like appliance plugs, or something I encountered the other day, a power bank to recharge a phone that could only be used once! Insanity! Anyone would think we lived on a planet of limitless resources. I love this idea – hopefully resulting in less landfill. I love the way that people are generously giving their time to help others and share their skills.


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