It’s all messy shirt


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Chris Smirnoff Slavery in America was an It’s all messy shirt continuation of the British Empire slavery, that much is true. If I could change one thing in American history it would be to free slaves at the time of the Declaration of Independence. The fact slavery persisted for 89 years after that, well, that’s on us. Moses Madhoyo Britain has been stealing minerals from African countries for many decades.  they survive on the blood of others see Clive Williams No mention of the African countries and rulers who sold their own people LONG before the British or any other European power showed up…..NNooooooooo….because that doesnt fall into the narrative does it!

It’s all messy shirt, Hoodie, v-neck-tee-shirt, ladies-tee and tank top

It's all messy shirt
It's all messy shirt
It's all messy shirt
tank top
It's all messy shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Samson Kandala Every racist is trapped in the It’s all messy shirt stone age period. I don’t understand why a person can think white skin is a privilege. Actually black people are extremely beautiful with natural cavy body structure no need for a black to put implants unless those few with low self-esteem. Am black and am extremely handsome. My wife is the most beautiful woman on Earth and she is black. Jade Wyatt Fed up of constantly bringing up slavery now, it’s such a done subject.  Why are we taking our eyes off the ball?

All the people who were responsible for this are dead, You can’t put them on trial! Today’s society would never allow such a thing to ever happen again! Of course, we need to recognize these inhumane things that happened but we need to move on and better ourselves as human beings and embrace the diversity of this planet and get along. Jacques Shepherd, I think you will find the British on purchased people who were already slaves … You know enslaved by other Africans of which there are still slave markets in some African countries.BBC


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