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Respecting the It’s not cartoons it’s anime shirt right of a person to worship whoever or wherever is not connected with respecting whoever or whatever those people worship. If you like to depict Jesus as a naked man that doesn’t change my own way of seeing him and the depiction of Mohammed should not be a yardstick to carry out terrorism. If you studied the history of France, you wouldn’t have decided to live there. One can always leave the country. All those who are not condemning the deplorable acts of violence and only stressing cartoon depictions are in a way justifying Terrorism!! The teacher who was murdered was not promoting the drawings, he was explaining what freedom of expression means. Of course, nobody challenges this freedom when one talks about the weather. The tensions rise however when it is values that are at stake, religious or political sometimes. Does that mean that freedom of expression should not exist when it goes against the values of some? Slippery slope as the tolerance seems to be receding these days…What is absolutely astonishing is the number of ignorant comments in this thread.

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To It’s not cartoons it’s anime shirt be really clear – people who murder in the name of faith…do not do it because of that faith… they do so because they have something missing in the wiring in their head. Let me give you a practical example. if you put a Porsche sticker on a donkey.. is the Donkey a Porsche.. or still a donkey. Ignorance and stupidity are breathtaking! If Macron would have promoted respect for religion along with the freedom of expression, this all couldn’t have happened.

He is the sole responsible for all of this. Now the only way is to apologize for the grave blunder which the French made. You cannot call it freedom of speech where you hurt another person’s sentiments. We all know that in the past many suffered based on differences of opinion and if you would respect another individual’s ideas, beliefs, and values. What’s the harm in respecting another man’s religion or what he or she strongly believes in?!


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