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So we’re going to Jack Skellington fear the Saints shirt celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ with a Christmas tree covered in thug shots. That’s about as Alabama as it gets. Dear world, Alabama is our great embarrassment, I’m sure there is a region in your country that you prefer not to talk about or even acknowledge well that’s Alabama. To be honest, in Alabama, it’s a major step forward that it’s not actual people hanging from the tree. According to this article, those are mugshots of suspects and not the convicted. If those individuals have not been tried or convicted, this may violate their right to due process. Don’t blame the cops for criminals, please. They’re the good guys! Please post your address so they can deliver one of those pictured to your house for the holidays. Jesus, that’s just tasteless. You’re taking a holiday that is largely religious or about family and using it to mock people. Says more about the PD than those in the mugshots. I’d be ashamed if it were my town. A bad apple tree great idea but it Should have all the mug shots of all the police officers that have lost their jobs and gone to prison! perhaps it will help… better still perhaps all police stations should have a wall of shame…

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Sheriffs are the Jack Skellington fear the Saints shirt worst of law enforcement. Imagine if the worst elected officials out there had guns and a badge. Sheriffs should be gotten rid of. So they want to celebrate the biggest festival in the Christian calendar with public vilification and loads of people here in the UK seem to think that’s great judging by the comments. It’s disturbing how unhinged a lot of people in this country have become over the last few years.

I hate that law enforcement and the judicial system have become so against the people. If you work in either you should believe in redemption or change careers. This is disgusting, insensitive, and further goes to show that whatever training police officers get, it does not include ethics and humanities. I also hope not a single one of these people who thinks this is appropriate claims to be a Christian.


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