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Darron Yates So. We have Jack Skellington peace love nightmare shirt  Obama care. Which doesn’t work? And republicans and democrats who could do something but won’t, to try to fix it or replace it. Who is actually to blame here? And who will suffer because they wouldn’t? Brian Horton, I don’t think any American should be pleased about this news – the new act may not have been perfect, and maybe it needs reworking..BUT…Obamacare is certainly NOT working either.  No one is a winner about healthcare in the USA at the moment. A complete rethink needs to happen – supported by ALL politicians.

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Jack Skellington peace love nightmare v-neck t-shirt
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Kris Rhodes-Sauerwein Don’t blame Trump for the Jack Skellington peace love nightmare shirt failure to pass a new health care plan. I think he is realizing the disaster that is called “Washington” and the United States government. Businesses make choices and decisions that make sense, but the US government makes choices and decisions for their own egos and agenda, NOT for the American people. Trump’s main plan was to “drain the swamp” and until he has done that…nothing else will get done unless by Executive Order. Our government no longer works, and it most certainly is not run by the people or for the people.

Peter Robert Jones Why does he constantly repeat parts of sentences? Why does he? Constantly. It’s not as if anything he says is worth saying in the first place. It’s definitely not worth repeating. Definitely not. 100%.

Thomas Brownlee This was always going to happen. All politicians “lie” or fail to meet goals, but very few have ever just lied with the sole intention of getting elected. The control of WH, House, and Senate means nothing if you can’t lead and your targets, your goals, are all nonsense. If you elect a conman (with no political experience) then expect Snake oil (and no idea on how governing a country works).BBC


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