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Good luck trying to Jackie daytona regular human bartender shirt enforce that like every other rule you’ve put out over the last few months… of which so many people have broken and probably not been fined for already. And also a bit late now! Should have done it 4 months ago! What, you mean like all the fines issued to all those skirting the lockdown rules? Yeah right. If they’re going to do it, don’t make it a risk of a fine. Actually fine people. As we know that most of the people do not follow the rules and regulations these days even in public transport we don’t see people wearing the face mask and we know which kind of people they are let’s hope who doesn’t follow the rules they get affected to coronavirusThis is so stupid now, this should’ve happened at the start and things would be different now, I’m so sick of it all as I’m sure a lot are. I don’t understand why it helps when do many scientific tests have proven they’re crap and let in things! It’s like the government wants another wave just to prove they have power think everyone needs to calm down. Yes, perhaps it should have been introduced earlier on. But the point is just because cases and deaths are falling, the virus hasn’t gone away. It’s about managing it so that it doesn’t hurt us as badly next time.

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If face masks allow us to Jackie daytona regular human bartender shirt do it then what’s the problem. We’ve always been taught to cover our mouths when coughing and sneezing. It’s essentially the same principle is it not? And those complaining about it restricting their breathing clearly haven’t worn one long enough.

If you wear it more than once, I promise you get used to it and you won’t notice it. If our NHS staff can do it, you can for 30 minutes in Tesco I’m sure. All done to create more division and more diversion from what is really going on. The mass murder of pensioners in nursing homes and driving through a no-deal Brexit.


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