James boozecanan Independence Day shirt



Patrick Lambert If anyone dies as a James boozecanan Independence Day shirt result of their irresponsible behavior, they should be charged with manslaughter. Heather Haldane Why would you want to take such risks in a place with poor sanitation. Argh. Kay Patterson fills your boots and takes the consequences but when you get a sick stay at home and deal with it yourself. Penny Rayner Sadly not only in America. We have politicians who feel they are above the rules in the UK! Emma Davidson, I feel that the US will be out of bounds for quite some time due to selfish people spoiling it for everyone else!! Jason Michael Cases in Florida continue to decline.

Russell Theodore Jade Opal Jasper if you think that’s such a great idea, maybe you could be one statistic for the sake of the economy! Seriously, the selfishness of some of you people is unbelievable! (It’s OK as long as it’s not me or any of my loved ones…)Joseph Danne T Enriquez It’s all fun and games until the CoVid-19 infects and kills someone close to them. Maggie Blyth, I hope it was worth it. Maybe when their loved ones are dying from the virus it might sink in for them. They will have to live with it live Chisholm Selfish they think it will never happen to them. Be careful. A second spike will come. Then what. Ahuja Priyanka Then why to blame Trump, it’s all people’s behavior … Even in India, it’s not the authorities its people, how they take the health…

James boozecanan Independence Day shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top


James boozecanan  Independence Day shirt
James boozecanan  Independence Day shirt
James boozecanan  Independence Day shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt


Mok Senglong That’s why a number of people were dead in the James boozecanan Independence Day shirt U.S because they didn’t think about social-distancing. I wish Trump were not being in this hard situation. Sradha Karamsadkar More deaths yet to come and take its own risk if some people think of it bout the virus is playing up with fire from sradha. Ross McKenzie Well done America, a few thousand human lives are not worth generation damage tot he economy. Time we started getting on with our lives regardless of what our lying government and fear-mongering media tell us. Animesh Sarkar Strange to hear the citizens of the most powerful and advanced country in the world sound so stupid. How did this country get to this position? What went wrong.



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