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By this time the Jameson Irish whiskey Harley Davidson shirt airport was a complete zoo. People were going home, going to hotels, going anywhere except next to the large glass windows during a tornado. We found one of the last working payphones (they were shutting-down due to overuse) and she gave me her phone card… it was round. My right hand to GOD the phone card was ROUND. I can only assume that the lovely people of Holland have a strange phone configuration. Fortunately, having been on a business trip I had a ton of change in my backpack so we dialed the number. And of course, there was no answer… it went to an answering machine… probably because the people I was calling were at the Oklahoma City airport awaiting the arrival of their Swiss Miss.

Jameson Irish whiskey Harley Davidson shirt hoodie, ladies-tee, v-neck-tee-shirt and tank-top

Jameson irish whiskey Harley Davidson Ladies-tee
Jameson irish whiskey Harley Davidson Tank-top
Jameson irish whiskey Harley Davidson  V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt
Jameson irish whiskey Harley Davidson Hoodie

I told her that we get a Jameson Irish whiskey Harley Davidson shirt hotel room for the night and that the airline would put us on the first available flight tomorrow. She gave me a funny look and told me that she would stay at the airport all night. So I picked up my bag and got about 20 feet before I looked back (why do I always look back?) to see her huddled in the floor, clutching the immense duffle bag like a teddy bear and looking like she was about to cry while at the same time watching in every direction for an attack by wolves. Upon reaching the gate, the person who was checking boarding passes stops us saying, “We seem to have a problem, we have overbooked the flight”. There is no black man, in Jesus name I am not black, find the meaning of black in your dictionary, all people who are “black” have to change their mindset. 


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