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The difference between an individualist culture and Japan cool Nihon Japanese flags shirt a collectivist culture. Japan has a collectivist culture where individuals do what is best for others, not themselves. They wear masks to protect other people. We have an individualistic culture where everyone people put themselves before others. We are reluctant to wear masks because we put our own comfort above everything else. It isn’t a puzzle. Civilized. Educated. Disciplined. Empathetic. Cohesive. Respect for personal space and clean. Any society with these traits in varying degrees will do just fine in a pandemic. Also, they face many natural disasters, yet they don’t go around whining like cowards. Every society can learn from the Japanese mindset. The Japanese people don’t wait for their leaders to demand they wear a mask and social distance. They do it automatically because it’s the right thing to do if you care about other beings. I have been to Japan twice and it’s so right. Older people are valued in society. in the UK elderly people tend to be overlooked and of little value. Sad isn’t it. Tell me I am wrong..All it takes is a culture that believes in both science, and individual sacrifices for the greater good. Suddenly people keep their distance and mask up…

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They wear masks, practice social distancing, wash hands frequently, Japan cool Nihon Japanese flags shirt citizens are much healthier with less underlying conditions than Americans and they have a great healthcare system! They don’t politicize the wearing of masks.

They’ve always been wearing them even pre-Covid even if they just have a simple cold so that they won’t pass it on to others. Alot of Japanese wear masks all around the world, maybe they are just a bit savvier to the dangers around them and actually listen to and adhere to the advice given, Should be applauded not questioned.


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