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His only work your President does is stir against people and Jesse James caught that ball shirt Nations and is only looking after No 1 and his pockets and repealing Every Wildlife Law in your land and build a Stupid Wall on Wildlife reserves and look for more oil to line his cronies pockets!! He doesn’t care about anyone!! What a disgrace he is to American chauvinist egoistic noncaring nonhuman he doesn’t care about people all he cares about is power and himself. He shows some dignity when he speaks out, there is indignation and something that the world opposes, it is powerful and courteous when he says, “We can unite without him, drawing on the strengths inherent in our civil society.” We need more people who are pro-constitution, pro-democracy, and pro-America and wish someday the tables will be turned where we will witness less oppression and a strong society whose fabrics are not eroded. Trump’s legacy will be the use of division to further his own political ends. Time to reject him and give unity a chance. Maybe we all find more in common with the other side than our own. Trump is a one-term President. He has destroyed America’s greatness and his time in office will end in November when Americans vote him out. His legacy will be one of chaos and destruction. American political system lacks checks and balances.

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Their head of state is simply a clown.No one can comfort people or unify the Jesse James caught that ball shirt country. This is the sad state of affairs. If he thinks that all the protesters are peaceful and not dangerous to the country he’s wrong. A lot of the protester’s ha e been paid to do violence Read what Dr. Ben Carson has said He knows puppeteers are running a lot of this from the background. He is still doing it.

He takes nor responsibility for anything, and his legacy will always be: Trump has created a nation at war with itself, we have a worldwide pandemic with no federal leadership/support/federal money, riots, and protests all over the world, and we have the highest rates of unemployment in the United States ever in our history.


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