Jesus Christ girl vintage shirt


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Tony Fernandez May our God the Father of Jesus christ girl vintage shirt our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ continue to stir the minds of these people as they face a more difficult, hard, pressing state of turning to GOD. Ryan Kelly Praying more earnestly for the church and believers in IranPeggy Keller Please Lord watch over them during these treacherous times. It was not an easy decision to make considering the consequences they may face from their families. Helen Halsted, I pray for the Iranian people. Many are meeting Christ. I heard two give their testimony’s tonight about meeting Christ and being born again as Jesus promisedRoxanne M Jones Knowing of the consequences they may face, I will pray for them in Jesus’ name…

Jesus Christ girl vintage shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, v-neck t-shirt, and tank top

Jesus christ girl vintage shirt
Jesus christ girl vintage shirt
Jesus christ girl vintage shirt
tank top
Jesus christ girl vintage shirt
v-neck t-shirt


Morgan Henry Chukwuemelie This gospel will be preached throughout the Jesus christ girl vintage shirt whole world and souls will be saved… hallelujahMary Lou Lovell Praise the Lord!! Now they have a beautiful, blessed eternity to look forward to, no matter what happens in this world. Karen Greenstreet These brave Iranians are God’s jewels!  God knows what He is doing. Kita Baldwin Hallelujah… praise God. God is working all over the world. Looking for people who will accept him as Father through his son Jesus. Our God is a loving God.

Sherry Yarger Yes! Congratulations to our new brothers and sisters! You have made a wise choice, as our Savior lives and intervenes in the lives of those who follow him! I praise the Lord for your decisions! Dahmysmart Toba Glory is to God. HALLELUJAHJuanita Fox THE BEST DECISION THESE PRECIOUS SOULS COULD HAVE MADE…THK YOU FATHER FOR WELCOMING THEM INTO THE Jesus christ  FOLD! CONGRATULATIONS TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF U…THE ANGELS IN HEAVEN REJOICE WITH YOU…..Wen Da May the Lord hide them in His presence. We’ll continue to pray for God’s provisions coz we know again how the enemy wants to devastate their faithHelen Manhilot Praise the Lord, Glory to God, nothing else in this world matters except our one true God. BBC


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