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A small rise in year-round temperatures often just means duller wetter summers, and Jesus is my spotter fitness shirt milder, but wetter, winters, particularly in the west of the country, as it drags in lots of continuous lows across the Atlantic. The weather differential, between the northwest and the southeast of the UK, although always there, is becoming greater. There have always been climate changes. Nature controls us. The warmest six within five? I guess those must have been also the fastest years running at a speed of twelve months within ten. The earth is going through a transition. Happens every so often, like thousands of years. The media forgot earth is millions of years old and is forever changing, as do societies, abandon temples of history, changes occurred. Mother nature is good at cleaning up human waste. It’s getting one now. The earth will change, no matter what stupid reason you give. Humans will be forced over the next few generations to create new realities, nature always wins in time.

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Not us paying extra to Jesus is my spotter fitness shirt fix it. Change your lifestyle, give us technology. 2021 is the year of change. Are you ready for the next bumpy transition over 10 years? This is so yesterday, humans will be just trying to survive each day. Judgment is here for everyone. Note to the sane people who understand this article and the devastating impact the scientific phenomena it describes will have on ordinary people from indigenous.

Working & middle communities over the next 50 years: randomly pick a profile that’s clicked the ‘laugh’ emoji under this article and go click a few ‘laugh’ emojis under images of them, their partners & their kids. Seriously, whoever writes this ridiculous rubbish that doesn’t mean a row of beans, you don’t put your hand out to be paid, do you? Overstaffed I would say, nothing else to write about.


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